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Having your pregnancy covered

Taking the decision to have a child is an important decision. Since the cost of maternity can be significant,  It is important to ensure you have an adequate Health Insurance plan to cover the cost of your maternity.
You may get maternity delivery benefits or more full maternity covered including complication that may arise during pregnancy or delivery.

It is possible to limit your Health insurance plan to new born delivery.

This solution will allow you to save a significant amount of Health insurance premium over a more expensive full solution.
 Health Insurance benefits offer Pregnancy cover as an option.


Pregnancy waiting period

Insurance companies usually have waiting periods for maternity coverage. However, few Health Insurance companies  offer optional pregnancy coverage without waiting period

Some plans offer Maternity insurance benefits built-in the plan. Choosing this option is generally advisable if you are unsure when you may decide to have your baby. After the pregnancy waiting period is passed you are free to fall pregnant anytime you wish without having to worry about being covered for pregnancy.


Take into account your Pregnancy waiting period

Once you reached the renewal of your current plan a good option is to start planning your pregnancy. This will give you enough room to get ready without rushing to find an insurance plan with maternity cover once you fall pregnant. Maternity waiting periods usually range between 8 to 12 month.

Since most maternity health benefits have time limit is is crucial to look for a suitable Health Insurance plan before you fall pregnant to look for a maternity Health insurance plan after you are pregnant as the choice you will face will be restricted. Our advisors can help you with the choice of your Maternity Healthcare plan.


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