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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can benefit from a world health plans?
Anybody can benefit from international health plans, whether you are staying in or outside your country. Invariably, there are more variations in terms of health policies if you live in a foreign land. These plans will be just as applicable when you need to pack up and return to your country.
Q: What is a "Deductible" / “Excess” ?
Deductible represents the sum of money on your part before the insurance company pays for the loss. Depending on the insurance company, deductible can be either based on "per year" or "per medical condition". On the same amount of coverage, the higher the deductible, the less premiums you have to pay
Q: What is an international health plan?
An international medical insurance plan is a worldwide program that covers you wherever you go. You have the choice of receiving treatment within the country of your residence or elsewhere. This offers a highly flexible coverage if you are out of your home country whether for short or long term.
Q: Can we buy world health plan for our company?
All businesses which have three employees or more are eligible for world health plan Corporate Plans. It is generally an industry practice to offer steeper discount for organizations which have more employees. Please get in touch with those for a free group quotation.
Q: What is the difference between an world health plan and a Travel Insurance plan?
world health plan works on a 12 month cycle and it is renewable regardless of your state of health. Most people take on the travel insurance plans for relatively short term (e.g. holidays), but there is no obligation on the provider's part to agree to any subsequent renewal. If you are posted outside your home country for work, it is advisable you decide on health insurance rather than travel insurance, in consideration of longer-term relocation.
Q: How long does an world health plan last?
The coverage period of an international health plan usually runs for 12 months. It also comes with a guarantee that policyholder who wishes to renew that can do it without regards to his or her health condition at the end of the contract.
Q: When do I have to pay for my Health insurance plan?
And the insurance company agrees to your health care plan application, you can either choose to pay by bank transfer or credit card. You also decide on monthly, quarterly or yearly payment scheme.

Q: Can I pay my International Health plan monthly?
Most insurance companies have either monthly or yearly payment scheme. Some are also agreeable to quarterly arrangement.
Q: What is the difference between 'in Patient" and "out patient' plan cover?
Inpatient generally means hospitalization -- which in turn means you need to stay overnight at a particular hospital.
Contrast this with the "day-care treatment", which generally does not require the patient to stay overnight. The coverage for inpatient only plans typically cover emergency dental and sometimes emergency evacuation. Outpatients, on the other hand, relate to consultation cost (whether from a specialist or general practitioner, with or without medication).
Certain world health plans provide just inpatient cover while others provide both inpatients as well as outpatient coverage.
Complimentary options like maternity or dental coverage can be added to your world health plan.
Q: Is there a limit to join or renew International Medical Insurance Plans?
Individual insurance company may formulate their terms differently. It is common for insurance company to accept applications from people under 70 years of age with no restriction on renewal. There are some which accepts applications and renewals no matter what the age.
Q: Can I go anywhere in the World for Treatment?
You may choose to receive treatment in any country in the world so long the medical facility in mind falls within the qualification list approved by the insurance company.
Broadly speaking, international medical insurance plans are split between (1) Worldwide including USA, and (2) Everywhere else except USA. However, some insurance company do provide restricted emergency cover in USA even though your plan may not include it. The relative high cost of health care in USA is a major factor of full worldwide coverage including USA being more expensive.
Q: Can US citizens buy International Medical Insurance Plans?
For US citizens, Global Health Cover plans is applicable only if you live outside USA. However, the coverage will stay valid until the last day of the contract even if you choose to come back to USA.
Q: If I am a resident in the USA can I benefit from an International Medical Insurance Plan?
USA residents (except USA citizens) do not face any restriction in terms of world health plans.
Q: Can maternity be covered with an International Medical Insurance Plan?
Maternity coverage can usually be included to world health plans as an option. However, be prepared for the waiting time (maternity coverage can usually start to take effect after 10 to 12 months after execution of the contract).
Q: Can I get dental coverage?
Similar to maternity, dental benefit can be added as well. Be aware of the policies of individual insurance company, it may or may not include orthodontics or paradontics treatments. However, emergency dental coverage is usually included as part of basic international medical insurance plan.
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