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Stroke is also known as cerebrovascular accident. Under normal condition, blood continuously flow through every part of the living organism, providing oxygen and glucose to each living cell. When the oxygen and glucose supply to the brain drops below a critical level, it may cause stoke, and the brain cells are prone to damage.

Types and Causes of Stroke:

One major cause of stoke is the blockage of an artery. This blockage is because of a clot that blocks the blood supply to an artery of human brain. Blocked artery would not be able to supply enough oxygen or glucose to a specific part of the brain. As a result cells of that particular part of human brain die. Usually, high cholesterol can rupture the inner surface of the small blood vessels which gradually leads to a clot. The main reasons for this clot are high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes.

Another type of stroke is known as the embolic stroke. It happens when a piece of cholesterol and calcium starts to settle in the walls of an artery or on the human heart. The blood flow to the brain eventually stops thus, facilitating a stroke. Few other types of strokes are cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, vacuities and migraine headaches. Vacuities stroke is usually the rarest type of stroke, caused due to inflammation of the blood vessels.


Treatment of Stroke:

TPA or the tissue plasminogen activator acts as a drug that dissolves the clot present in the human blood, leading to danger of stokes. This drug cannot be used in any other general cases. It is appropriate to use this medication only in specific cases. For successful results TPA should be administered as soon as possible so that any other complication may be avoided. This medication should only be injected in the vein of an arm. In addition, this drug technology is not used in every hospital so it is important to be vigilant.

Heparin and aspirin are two drugs that are consumed to reduce the density of the blood. These drugs are used during the initial treatment and represent a big hope for patient to achieve speedy recovery. However, this medicine treatment should be used only after ascertaining the medical history and disease intensity of a patient. As general information stroke is more likely to occur in patient with diabetes history. Thus, it is important to control the blood glucose level so that the likelihood of the stroke may be reduced significantly.
After the severe damages to a human body by a stroke attack, rehabilitation which includes a therapy program is often required; whereby a patient re-learns the ability to speak or to swallow, to regain control of the arms and hands. In addition, there are more therapies that improve stamina and also encourage patients to continue their lives like any other normal person.

This training usually occurs in patient rehabilitation hospital, general hospitals or at nursing faculty. It focuses on improving the functional abilities of the patient after the stroke. Doctors aim to help the patient resume living their lives. These rehabilitation centers are usually recommended by the doctors after examining the severity of attack.

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