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Signs of pregnancy - think you might be pregnant?

It is not necessary that the symptoms of every pregnancy are same. It can vary among ladies. Women may experience different symptoms but there are few signs that are common in almost every pregnancy. The signs at the beginning of the pregnancy are not prominent. However, if you are doubtful that you are pregnant then you must find it out because you may require some medicines and change eating habits that will be helpful. It is advisable to take pregnancy test to find out.

Symptoms of pregnancy:

If you are pregnant then you will discover that you missed your menstrual cycle. There can be many reasons that can lead to missing a cycle. The reason could be mental stress, excessive weight gain, anorexia, illness or may you may have stopped the use of contraceptive pills. Nevertheless, missed menstrual cycle is one early indicator to suggest whether you are expecting or not.

A day or two after pregnancy you will likely to notice breast tenderness. It is one of the first signs of conception. However it may not be applicable in all cases. The breasts may change their size, shape and heaviness which may change after a few months of conception.

Another symptom is the feeling of nausea. The effects of nausea differ from one female to another. In some cases nausea can be accompanied by vomiting. Nausea is often known as morning sickness but it is not necessary that nausea occurs in the morning, it may occur at any time during the day. Thus, if you think that you are not feeling well without any reason then you may be pregnant. These are the symptoms that we always see in movies or in dramas.
Women also feel extremely tired and exhausted during pregnancy. This fatigue usually occurs during first few months. Your body will respond to this change immediately. The level of fatigue may decrease in future but during the early stage you will feel extremely tired and worn out. Extreme fatigue can be very dangerous for you and your fetus, thus it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Even as you are about to experience the early symptoms of pregnancy, your uterus often have increased in size. Fluids from all over the body increase in concentration to make the lining of the uterus spongy, so you are likely to experience frequent urination. This is because your body experience additional pressures and more fluids are brought to kidneys and bladder.
The aroma of the food may make you feel nauseous. It may compel you to feel that you are about to vomit. So if you feel that your favorite food does not smell good then you can be pregnant.
One of the signs is that in early stage your waistline may expand and you may feel as if you are bloated. The waist line sensitivity increase immensely; actually making one feel sick as soon as anything touches or being near there. The feeling is difficult to explain but identifiable to those women who have encountered the motherhood experience before.

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