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Kidney Disease


Cause of kidney disease

There are several factors which are responsible for chronic kidney disease. It includes toxins, poor blood flow and lack of oxygen (ischemia), inflammatory disease, infections, cancer (neoplasia) and immune system abnormalities.


Signs & symptoms of kidney disease

There are various signs and symptoms that indicates the presence of a chronic kidney disease some of these are as follows,
-- Polydispea which is defined as excessive thirst.
-- Polyuria which is defined as excessive urine output from the body.
Polydispea and polyurea are usually the very first symptoms indicating kidney disease. If you find that your dog is taking high intake of water more than normal then do not hesitate to go for consulting. Some other indicators are:
-- Weight loss
-- Appetite loss
-- Halitosis which is defined as bad breath.
-- Sour mouth
-- Vomiting and sometimes diarrhea.
-- Apathy
-- Weakness.

Diagnosis of kidney disease :

A veterinary surgeon can conduct a detailed diagnosis through a physical examination. If kidney disease is suspected, then it is usually followed up with tests like urine and blood tests. If it does not help in diagnosis then other advanced tests like X-rays studies, ultrasonography, biopsy or exploratory surgery are performed. In many cases of chronic kidney disease, it can be difficult to identify the exact causes.

Management & Control of kidney disease

Managing dietary plan which includes less intake of water can control the disease for long term.
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