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Asthma in children

Nowadays, increasingly more people are affected by Asthma, with children being the most likely victims to fall to this disorder. Asthma is a chronic disease. It can emerge at any time during human growth however most people start to develop it from the age of 5.

Signs and symptoms:

Most patients of asthma tend to exhibit visible signs that can be picked up by doctors. The common symptoms of this disease among children are exhaustion and tiredness, no appetite to eat, consistent headaches and tendency to cough usually after playing, laughing or during night times. Child often wheezes in his or her breathing alongside chest pain. Additionally, when breathing is heavy, the neck and chest muscles will experience a sensation of being pulled. It is common to observe dark circles under the eyes in severe cases. Invariably signs and symptoms may differ amongst children. In some cases only coughing can be the sole sign of Asthma. Usually children 5 years old or less start to develop these symptoms due to respiratory viral infection or because of cold thus it is important to take the child to a doctor for check-up.

Causes of Asthma:

There are several reasons of asthma. Asthma can be developed because of the low birth weight. The child may also inherit it from his or her parents or may develop asthma due to frequent respiratory infection or allergies. Smoke from tobacco or malnutrition can cause asthma as well. This disease is common among black and male children.

The specialists believe that this disease is increasing because of the many factors such as pollution. When a child or the expecting mother inhales polluted air containing dust and tobacco smoke, the child will be exposed to many respiratory diseases that can lead to asthma. A child born with weak immune system may even develop this disease, as the body is unable to produce enough antibodies to fight against this infection.


Even before treatment can get started, it is important that parents must be able to describe the symptoms such as coughing, wheezing etc in detail because the entire treatment will be based on these observations by the parents. The doctor will be interested in the family history to know whether the disease is inherited or not. Then, the doctor will ask the child to inhale and exhale so that he can examine the heart and lungs. According to the doctor’s evaluation, the child will be put through some tests like chest X-ray and pulmonary function test. This will help the doctor to know the actual degree of infection.

For effective diagnosis, doctor may prescribe other tests like blood or allergy skin test, or X-rays to check on gastro esophageal reflux disease. Some of the tests cannot be performed because the child is under the age of 5 years; in that case the doctor has to depend highly on the symptoms and the history details provided by the parents as well as the physical examination carried out.
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