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Health in USA

America consists of 50 states and a federal district. It lies within the North America region, splitting the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The capital is Washington D.C. It has Mexico down south and Canada is the northern neighbor. Its borders also extend out from the America continent; with 14 insular territories scatter from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

Understanding Healthcare in the USA

Despite of its advanced economy, there is no one common universal healthcare system in the United States.  Instead a number of healthcare systems are thriving here addressing individual market and patients' needs.  Fortunately, assessing health care services is very convenient in America as there are hundreds of medical professionals operating in individual states of America.  The system does not advocate automatic pairing of doctor/patient so you need to find a way to look out for your doctor in your new neighborhood, whether it is from the phone book or by simply driving around.  Invariably, the first questions to ask when you think you come across a suitable doctor is to check if he or she is willing to accept new patient.  You will be expected to fill out some forms and declare your medical condition.  It may be a good idea to obtain a copy of your medical records from your previous doctor to save you some troubles.  Regardless, the process is important in that it allows the new doctor to stay on top of your overall medical well-being.

Emergencies in the USA

If you have to deal with an emergency situation in America and not able to get to hospital for some reason, instinctively call 911 for urgent assistance.  The folks at 911 are medically trained and they are prepared to deal with any kind of medical emergencies.  This will be one quick and safe way to get to the nearest emergency room. In situation you are still able to make your trip to the hospital, call the hospital concerned about your impending visit, so that the medical stuff can be sufficiently prepared.  This is one useful idea so that you don't spend unnecessary hours waiting to get treated.  If going to hospital is not your plan, you could ring up your doctor for urgent medical treatment.

Making Payment for Your Medical Treatment

In the absence of universal healthcare, a number of independent systems are at work.  Medicaid is the primary system that provides coverage to the disabled and elderly who have previous work records, Medicaid is another system serving similar purpose, the State Children's Health Insurance Program covers kids from low income bracket, the veterans health administration and tri-care.

Always keep your insurance card handy as you will be expected to produce some form of insurance proof at the front desk or on your registration at the hospital.  In America, hospitals are invariably funded by insurance plans or out-of-pocket from patients in exchange for services rendered.

There are certain pre-established requirements in order to qualify for health insurance in America (being a permanent resident who has stayed a minimum of five years is not one of them).  Following is a list of helpful information for you to understand the qualifying process.

"Who qualifies for Medicare?"

All American residents (both citizens and permanent residents) above the age of 65 qualify for Part A Medicare if any of the followings is satisfied:

·         anybody who is entitled to Social Security benefits
anybody who is entitled to Railroad Retirement benefit
ex-government workers with pre-set number of years during which there were payments made to the Medicare
anybody's spouse (living, divorced, or ill) who satisfy the above

For anyone above 65 and not readily qualify for Medicare, the alternative is to pay a premium in order to enjoy the benefits.

On the other scale, there could be people under 65 and yet qualifies for Medicare; patients of Lou Gehrig’s disease and those at end stage renal disease are some who belong to this category.

By extension, people who qualify for Part A Medicare also get to enjoy the benefits of Part B Medicare. Between the two variations of Medicare, Part A is free program whereas Part B requires some premium to be paid into it. Alternatively, those who are not eligible for Part A can simply choose to pay for Part B under certain conditions.

The US government started the Part A Medicare originally intended to help cover hospital fees and today it continues to be operated by the government. Part B was formulated later as a form of healthcare insurance for senior residents and the coverage is more extensive that it covers visits to doctors, outpatient treatment, etc.

In addition to the Part A and B mentioned earlier, there are also Part C and Part D (those qualify for A & B invariably qualify for these two as well). Part C is actually a replacement of parts A and B with additional premium. It represents a more comprehensive plan which includes prescription drug benefits. On the other hand, Part D extends benefits of prescription drug benefits to people on Parts A and B.

The American hospitals follow the universal policy to save life first before any payment consideration. But be mindful that the ambulance you requested to send you to hospital could set you back easily by a couple of hundred dollars, and you are fully expected to foot the expense resulting from the medical treatment. If you are under cover by some insurance policy, you would usually still be required to come out with portion of the cost for the hospital visit. The full bill would usually be sent you through mail.

Hospitals in America

In major states and cities,  USA hospitals are usually within reach easily but if you happen to be in rural and small towns, the choice could be more restricted.  Some rural towns, especially, are known to have no standard hospital available.  It is advisable that you conduct a search on the internet to check the availability of hospitals within our nearest to your new neighborhood before you get your back and go America. You can have a look at our list of hospitals in the US.

Being a technology powerhouse, hospitals in America is never short of it is medical supplies and equipment.  They are also well-staffed by professional specialists, surgeons, doctors and medical staff, all recruited from the universities here and around the world.  It is only natural to expect the best treatment possible where healthcare is concerned.

Prescription Drugs in America

Patients are able to get the prescription drugs over at drugstores which are usually manned by pharmacists.  Their presence in the stores would be helpful when it comes to instructions on how these prescription medicines are to be taken.  The labeling here is done in strictly English.

Dentists in America

Here in America, you find a dentist pretty much the same way you find a doctor.  You will need to find out if there is any restriction on your choice of dentist if you have an insurance cover for dental services.  Many insurance plans impose certain limits as far as dental procedures are concerned.

Childcare in America

A host of childcare services are available locally. You can choose from institutional childcare, corporate institutional childcare or private in-home childcare.  Most corporations have a pretty pro-family attitude, so for working couple in the USA, there are multiple ways of arrangement that childcare can be sorted out easily.

You will find your stay in America going to be a pleasant one.  With the first-class doctors, latest medical technologies and comprehensive health care system, more and more people are coming here.


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