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Health Care in Spain

Relocation is often a big decision, especially when it involves cross-country move.  It is only right that you want to be get as ready as possible before that big move.  For most people, health care would be the primary concern as they venture into their new land.

Spain is located within Western Europe and the peninsular itself is sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Further away, there are also the two archipelagos and two autonomous cities in northern Africa.
The southern tip of Peninsular Spain is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and Cantabric Sea including the Bay of Biscay over the northern part, whereas Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean make its western neighbors. The country boasts of a land mass of 504,030 kilometers squared, officially the second-largest nation in Western Europe.

The Healthcare Situation in Spain

Healthcare in Spain consists of two components, i.e. the government and the private sector players.  In 2006, it is reported that up to 8.4% of GDP in Spain is spent on healthcare.  The Spanish Medical System is the country's public program funded by government, taking care of the medical needs of up to 90% of the population.

The European Health Card, popularly known as EHC, would entitle you to service from general practitioner at local health center near you.  Even if you can't make it there for some reason, the general practitioner can always do a house visit.  Depending on your condition, sometimes the general practitioner can refer you to a specialist or a hospital.  In addition, emergency and accident services are common features among the hospitals in Spain.

Healthcare for Visitors from Non-EU Countries

The healthcare system practiced in European Community is inclusive in nature.  It is even applicable for citizens from non-EU countries like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway.  In the case of Spain, citizens from countries that have enjoy some form of bilateral relationship (such as Andorra, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru), are also assured of hospitalization and healthcare at no charge if they were to experience an accident or medical emergencies.  The process is hassle free; all that is required is for you to produce your health certificate issued from your country.  If the health certificate is not with you at the time of treatment, you will be expected to pay upfront on medications and services rendered.  Just make sure that you make a claim on your expenses from your healthcare service or insurance provider, so keep your receipts.

Spanish Health Care System

National Health Service in Spain offers nationwide health centers and hospitals for its population to seek medical treatment.  The services provided through this network of health institutions are quite comprehensive, invariably all health centers are equipped with GP and family services, social workers, nursing, physiotherapist and pediatrics.  The authority has also taken into account that these facilities are located in close proximity to residential areas. In addition, the general practitioners are also encouraged to make house visits in case patients are not able to make it to the health centers or hospitals.

Seeking Medical Attention in Spain

The general observation about Spanish health care system is very good. The hospitals are either newly built or have been maintained well, full with necessary equipment and the service staff and specialists are excellent. The local healthcare system definitely measures up, even by the remarkable British standard. However, one difference does stand out for these two countries, i.e. the levels of nursing care. Obviously nurses in Spain are just as well trained and they are efficient but there are things they do not do. For example, hospitals and health centers would encourage family members participate in chores such as feeding and personal care.

Another point worth paying attention if you are relocating to Spain is that most medical staff in Spain does not speak English. Fortunately voluntary translation services are available widely and these can be handy when you seek consultation with your doctor. As additional precaution, you may want to check if you can access this specific service from where you going to be.
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