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Health in Portugal


In Portugal, it is common for employers to cover its staff, who are no older than 55, with medical insurance.


Since 2001, the public health-care system in Portugal has undergone significant and irreversible change. 


Previously, the healthcare industry in the country was sluggish because of inadequate investment, and lack of critical mass in terms of insurance subscription.  In another words, it was an industry that had been overlooked by the authorities.


  Following the reform, the government declared that they are working towards better healthcare system for all in the country, and they would like to do this without subjecting the residents to incur heavy medical expenses.  In addition the government also expressed its hope to bring down the spending on public health-care services.

In general, the Portuguese healthcare services are truly well-regarded.  The healthcare system here is often considered superior to some of the Western European countries, but still there are elements in the healthcare system that could look strange to frequent travelers.


Just to quote one example, travelers often find they have to pay a premium when buying non-essential drugs in Portugal.  But one issue that wins the travelers over is the fact that pharmacies in the country tend to dispense useful and qualified advices and they tend to stay late.


The only way to provide comprehensive protection to yourself and your family while abroad is to make sure that an appropriate and adequate medical insurance from an established insurance provider is in place.

International health insurance plans will bring to you and your family the necessary coverage that includes hospitalization, outpatient, maternity and dental.  If you need help to decide on the kind of international health insurance that would work best for you, you are welcome to talk to our experienced advisors.  They love to share their knowledge with you so as to guide you to the most optimal international health insurance cover you can get.

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