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Health in Morocco
US health authority considers the health situation in Morocco as unsatisfactory. Among the many problems listed with the country, the local population suffers from:
1. Limited number of physicians -- approximately 1 physician to every 2000 people
2. Shotage of hospital beds -- approximately 1 bed to every 1000 people
3. Difficulties to access water -- applicable to 82% of its population
4. Insufficient sanitation -- applicable to 75% of its population.
Overall, the healthcare system in the country means 122 hospitals, 2400 health centers and 4 university clinics. However these facilities are all in unsatisfactory states and do not have enough capacity to dispense necessary medical assistance. Every year, 6 million patients (half of whom are classified as emergency cases) had to contend for 24,000 hospital beds. The expenditures related to the country's healthcare investment amounts to 1.1% of GDP (or gross domestic product) with 5.5% of the government's budget going to the public healthcare.

For the adult population living in the urban area, the top killer diseases listed in 2001 in Morocco were circulatory system diseases (accounted about 20.4%); perinatal disease (9.3%); cancer (8.5%); endrocrinological, nutritional and metabolic diseases (7.6%); respiratory system diseases (6.9%) and infectious and parasitic diseases (4.7%). In 2004, the country's Ministry of Health declared complete eradication of certain childhood diseases like malaria, tetanus, polio and diphtheria, but there are still a number of diseases affecting the children and eradication is a work in progress still. According to figures released in 2006, the infant mortality rate of 40 deaths in 1000 live births seems alarming in comparison with the modern world, this actually represented considerable improvement from 1981, when it was alleged that there were 91 deaths in 1000 live births. Unofficial figures pointed out that in 2001, approximately 1 person out of every 1000 people who are aged between 15 and 49 was affected by HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

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