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Health in Japan

Japan takes pride in attaining and maintaining its top notch health record in the world. It is considered among the top standards bearers as far as quality care and citizenship lifespan are concerned. There are a number of factors behind this success, chief among those are Japanese culture, highly independent way of living, and the efficient Japanese healthcare system.

According to data compiled in 2005, as much as it 8.2% of GDP is spent on the national healthcare, with the government footing around 83% of

this amount. It is alleged that Japan runs the most efficient public healthcare program (through a network of regional/national government hospitals), and the country's healthcare industry is further complimented by private hospitals/clinics. All Japanese residents enjoy unrestricted access to all medical facilities, though it is common knowledge that hospitals usually place a premium on those patients without a referral. On average, a typical Japanese makes 14 trips to his doctor every year, that is more than four times an average American will visit his physician. It helps also that there are three times as many hospitals per United States resident. The healthcare charges are often considered reasonable and it is often unheard of about people being made bankrupt as a result of sky high medical expenses.

The national health insurance program covers most of its citizens/residents and it allows patients to knock off 70% of their bills (medical treatment and prescription drugs inclusive) with the rest coming up from their wallets -- subject to upper limit set by the authority. Depending on household income, residents/households pay between 0 to ¥50,000 to enjoy this national coverage. For any additional cost or co-payment purposes, residents can look to complimentary private health insurance as an added option. These schemes generally pay the policyholders according to the number of days of hospital stay, or a fixed percentage of surgery performed. This represents a significant departure from the schemes that are widely known in the western world.

If you are a foreigner and planning to pay Japan a visit sometime soon, it is highly recommended that you take up an insurance policy before you get there. This is due to the high medical costs in the country. Come to talk to us and our knowledgeable staff will help you to select an appropriate product to cover your risk.

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