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Health in Hong Kong


In Hong Kong you are guaranteed to find excellent Healthcare facilities and services.
This quality Health care system leads to a the second High life expectancy record in the world.
This result is achieved through high standards and has led the path to several breakthrough medical treatments and surgery.

Kong Kong Department of Health ensures high standard regulations are applied  through prevention and curatives services.

It handles several programs while regulating healthcare professionals as well as several Professional Health structures operating in the Hong Kong area.

While highly regulated Hong Kong Healthcare structure offers nearly 40 public hospitals and facilities. Special attention is paid to deliver comprehensive Health care through an extensive network.

To achieve this level of excellence, two medical school offer medical education to students.
There are specific schools focusing on particular Health care aspects such as for example dentist care and chemistry.

While more than 10 private medical Hospital maintain strong relation with UK, the United Kingdom also delivers accreditation.

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