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Health in Germany


The German Healthcare System is often credited as being the reason behind a country whose life expectancy averages at about 80 years old of age.  It is in fact one of the oldest in the world and it could be traced back to the late 19th century.

The country has made it legislation for all residents to be covered by medical insurance -- which could be acquired from either the public or private sector.

The German public healthcare system (or the statutory) is not a government run program but it oversees the government policies and regulations.  The system itself is partially funded by taxpayers money. Due to the escalating health care costs, a corresponding increase in insurance premium is anticipated.

Doctors (regardless of they work for the public or private sector) are not considered as government employees. General practitioners and specialists are self-employed professionals.  The wait lines at the hospitals as well as waiting times for medical appointments are deemed to be acceptable, and they are comparable to the standards set by the United States.

The German public healthcare system places an upper limit to the number of medical consultations on a quarterly basis, which directly imposes a limit on doctors’ prescriptions.

It is a common practice in this country for doctors to travel to patients' homes (for those who cannot make it to the hospitals on their own due to their health conditions).  Patients are not required to consult with a general practitioner before making an appointment with a specialist.

The two prominent aspects of the healthcare provision in Germany are early treatment and prevention.  When a patient is suspected to be at risk of contracting certain medical disease, he or she will be provided with all necessary medical information to help stabilize or even eradicate likely factors that could lead to more acute condition.  For instance, when an abnormal or sudden weight increase would prompt a doctor to dispense advises on healthy diet so as to minimize the risk of obesity or even heart related diseases such as cardiac arrest.

Patients can also arrange for longer-term care at home.  This is obviously the most convenient option in case their situations warrant it.

It is recommended that you find a good healthcare provider which offers comprehensive cover in order to shield yourself from any medical associated costs with your stay in Germany.  You can discuss with our highly experienced staff on your needs for hospitalization, outpatient, maternity or dental coverage.  We will provide you with necessary and accurate information to help you make your decision on the most appropriate healthcare cover yourself and your family.

If you wish to have further information about the world health plan in germany or a free quote, please contact one of our health insurance advisors.

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