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Health Care in France


 The French Government has been the early believer of insurance coverage. It had encouraged and promoted the booming business of insurance companies since the early 1900s.

The local healthcare industry is dominated by two players: First are the private insurance companies which are driven by profit, and the other one is the mutuelles, which are largely not profit driven organizations (or cooperatives).
As a general practice, employers are required by legislation to pay for indemnity when there is occurrence of death, injury, sickness or maternity.

Then came the IVth Republic, whereby it was decided that socially vulnerable citizens such as women and children were to be included to receive social security benefits.

A referendum back in 1946 decreed that the state constitution obliged itself to provide financial help to children, retired workers and women (a group considered most socially vulnerable).

During that time, the industry was split into "regime general" and the "regime particuliers", and that applicable for some industries alone.

A more national wide program was created after 1946, whereby the "securite sociale" provided some sort of limited coverage to all French citizens.
Citizens could opt for a fuller Healthcare coverage through the introduction of "assurance complementaire", the system that acted as the stand-between for basic coverage and full coverage.

In addition to the programs cited, its national security system also includes a retirement pension scheme which was essentially contributed by the employer to the French Government.

As a rule of thumb, no foreigner is entitled to any local healthcare benefits except when the visitor comes from an EU country and has been in France for a reasonable duration of time.

The option for foreign expats when they are in France is to consider protection through private medical insurance providers.
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