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Health care in Beijing

For many expats living in Beijing, public healthcare in Beijing is simply unreliable Chinawhen they are in need of urgent medical attention. Usually these public hospitals have long wait lines and quality of care is often not consistent. They will instead turn to the private hospitals and clinics. The habit is so entrenched and these private establishments are often the destinations of choice even when there are just for non-emergency visits. The Beijing locals generally don't attend separate GP clinics but would rather wait patiently at the public hospitals for non-emergency visits. This causes backlog and frustration which are never the case with private centers.

The general practitioners at private clinics often originated from English speaking countries such as Europe or the US. There are still some Chinese physicians who make use of traditional medicine approach in their practice but, generally, there is little overlap as far as Beijing medical centers are concerned.

Beijing has developed tremendously in recent years and the healthcare service has also benefited from the city’s rapid growth. Today the healthcare in Beijing is often regarded as world class. This fine reputation is largely cemented through six top-grade hospitals in Beijing. 

Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Xiehe Hospital)

Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Xiehe Hospital) is a famous general hospital in China with an enviable historical link. It was founded in 1921 by Rockefeller Foundation. This hospital is the meeting place of great medical minds, both excellent practicing physicians as well as renowned scientific researchers of various disciplines, and it has been one of the top-ranked hospitals in China for the last 80 years.

There are two campuses in the PUMC Hospital. 

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital (Xiehe Hospital)

BCH is the biggest and most famous Children’s hospital in China. It was founded by academician Zhu Futang, the forefather of Chinese pediatrics, in 1942.

Beijing Tongren Hospital

 “Tongren” has long been the established trademark in Chinese Medicine. Started back in 1886, Beijing Tongren hospital today boasts of medical specialties which are strong in both foundations as well as expertise. Flanked by modern medical equipments and technologies, the hospital is particularly known for its outstanding ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology.

Beijing Azhen

Beijing Anzhen Hospital was set up in April 1984 with grand vision of making itself the Chinese premier hospital that provides full range of medical services while putting focus on China’s specialty in heart and lung diseases treatments. Anzhen Hospital, together with the Beijing Institute of Heart, Lung & Blood Vessel Diseases (founded in 1981), creates an institution by fully integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, and international exchange.

China-Japan Friendship Hospital

This represents the joint-investment by both the Chinese and Japanese Governments in the early 1980s. China-Japan Friendship Hospital has gain world reputation in its general medicine, emergency care, and specifically its integrative medicine – the integration, and subsequently the combined application of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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