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Health in canada


The Canadian government spent some $180 billion on healthcare expenditure in 2009 and that works out to be $5,400 per resident.  Up to 50% of this amount was accounted by the hospitals alone while doctors and pharmaceuticals are responsible for the balance.

Even while the healthcare related expenses are appreciating at 5% every year in Canada, there is still unhappiness among the population due to the perceived shortage of medical resources in the government hospitals as well as the wait times patients have to endure.


Local Canadian Healthcare System

The local healthcare system is funded by the federal government with majority of the medical services managed from the private medical sector.  Doctors who are providing consultation will charge a fee that has been pre-agreed with the national medical Association in the year before.  This in turn would ensure that all doctors have to conform to these fees structure within the year and they are not able to overcharge.

Canadian Medicare

Naturally, Medicare constitutes as the biggest healthcare program in the country.  The program itself takes on a tier approach when it comes to medical administration and following is just an example: while a federal agency will be directly responsible for health care administration for the military units, the mounted police (which also benefit from the same program) seek medical attentions from the private practices.

One in every three Canadians has some form of private medical insurance coverage and the general trend is on the way up as more and more people begin to appreciate private healthcare being the complimentary option to the national Medicare.  Apart from individual coverage, almost 60% of Canadians are also covered by private healthcare insurance indirectly, most of whom through their individual employment.

In Canada, doctors do not operate on annual salary scheme but their incomes are dependent on fees derived from individual medical consultation.

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