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Health in Brazil
Healthcare in Brazil is mainly managed by two organization; the first being the state-funded program, also called the SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde), which is for most population in Brazil, and the second is the private insurance sector that also takes care of the private healthcare sector.

SUS organization has been providing public healthcare plans since 1988; the Brazilian Constitution runs it and it focuses mainly on universality, comprehensive plans and equity with regards to the Healthcare system.

Universality suggests that healthcare in the Brazil should be not discriminate Brazilians; no matter which gender, social background or skin color they may relate to.

The Brazilian government understands that a highly comprehensive list of elements can improve the overall healthcare in Brazil. These variables can as wide as social and employment related, as well as income or education related. The goal is to offer comprehensive health insurance that mainly aim to improve prevention as well as rehabilitation and treatment. In order to maintain stringer equity among Brazilian citizens, the government declares that the incomes differences will be the main element to determine how to set up Healthcare policies in order to make Healthcare more affordable and accessible to the Brazilian citizens without high incomes.

SUS has a specific way to implement its policies. The strongest aspect is popiular involvement. This allows the brazilians the further influence the orientations of the policies implementation.  In order to achieve this task conferences are organized at different levels. This democratic organization is enjoying a popular feedback in Brazil and other Healthcare sectors have been adopting this approach.

The Health expense in the public sector is quite high in comparaison to the country GDP figure. In comparison some other emerging countries the amount of money related to this is relatively high. About 9% of GDP,  are dedicated to healthcare in Brazil.

The Private Health care sector is also present in Brazil. Citizens are free to evaluate whether which insurance they wish to have either as an individual or as an employee. In case citizens choose the private health insurance solution, they are still also entitled to assess medical help in relation to the public scheme. As much as 37 million residents benefited from private Healthcare in 2007.

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