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Health in Australia

Other than the nationally funded Medicare, healthcare in Australia is predominantly dominated by the private sector insurance organizations.  During the healthcare reform in 2007, the Australian government has passed the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 to regulate the private practices in the healthcare industry.  Additionally, the government is also proactively encouraging its citizens to be covered by private hospital insurance through a variety of incentives.

Remarkable improvement in the last decade on healthcare administration has extended the life expectancy of average Australians.  Men are expected to live up to 81 years old on average while it is 83 years old for their female counterparts.  On the other hand, health problems like diabetes, skin cancer, obesity and heart related diseases are on the rise.

The healthcare scene is also taking on a major transformation with increasing emphasis on the population's social well-being in addition to the traditional emphasis on both physical and mental health.  Today, the modern clinics offer comprehensive services that address all the three aspects of health, i.e. physical, mental and social well-being.  On the sideline, individuals are afforded more options where healthcare choices are concerned, allowing patients to make choices on both technological merits as well as cultural preference.

The private health insurance policyholders are free to choose between private and public medical institutions.  It inevitably opens up a bigger pool of choice when it comes to both doctors and hospitals.  Additionally, this private health insurance is usually more expensive in terms of coverage, thus it often includes services not covered by Medicare.  Podiatry, physiotherapy, dental and optical services typically belong to this particular category.

While Medicare has been useful to Australians as a means to access health care, foreign expatriates have to be dependent on private medical insurance for their health coverage due to the costly healthcare in Australia.

Medical Prerequisites before You Set Foot in Australia

The healthcare authority in Australia may order that you go to a number of medical tests before you are allowed into Australia.  Some common procedures you may require to go through include chest x-ray, hepatitis B and C as well as HIV/AIDS screenings.  They are to become necessary if you happen to be compliant in any one (or more) of the following conditions:

  • If you are going to be in contact with a classroom of students.
  • If your plan to stay in Australia for over three months and your last disembarkation point is one of those countries that are known to be tuberculosis affected.
  • If you are over 70 years of age.
  • If you are suffering from any pre-existing health condition.

In comparison with the western countries, special health treatments are generally less expensive.  It is a common practice for western visitors to descend on this land to receive medical treatment as well as after-care.  It is advisable that all visitors are clear about all medical related costs before they decide to come to Australia for medical reason.

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