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Health in Algeria
A United States paper published in March 6, 2006 reveals that healthcare in Algeria is still pretty much struggling to cope with demand. Algeria is in serious shortage of both physicians (one in every thousand people) and government hospital beds (about two for every thousand people). As much as 87% of population does not have access to water, and 92% of population faces daily sanitation issues. In view of the young populations in Algeria, government has formulated health policy that focuses on preventive health care and prefers clinics over hospitals.
Consistent with this policy, government has funded and continues to maintain a national immunization program. Still unclean water and poor sanitation continues to plaque the country with tuberculosis, measles, hepatitis, dysentry, clolera and typhoid fever. A 2003 study indicated that one in every thousand people (age between 15-49) are infected with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency symptoms (HIV/AIDS). The poor in the country is entitled to feel flush problem in health care but more affordable patients would pay healthcare fees on a sliding scale. Government makes sure that sufficient physicians and dentists are available in the government hospitals by mandating them to service in public sector for minimum five years timeframe. Nevertheless the wealthier northern part of the country still has relatively more physicians and clinics compared to the southern Sahara region.

In a country like Algeria where basic government medical facilities are in such great demand (but severe short supply), it is strongly recommended that you and your family are covered by an established insurance provider while going over there, just in case of emergency or necessary medical assistance.

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