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Individual & Family Plans

Individual and Family Healthcare Products

Individual international medical insurance products are renewable. This is a prominent feature of international medical insurance as customers alone decide if they wish to carry on their coverage, not being influenced by the insurance companies. We have a wide array of products that cater for people of all ages, so we can be a good place to get started no matter what your age is and what coverage you have in mind.

world health products are versatile enough to travel with you, whether you are in the country of your current residence or you need to be out of that country. It is especially popular with the expatriate community whose lifestyle is usually associated with long-term stay abroad. Once you have subscribed to an world health plan policy, it stays with you throughout even after you make the move back to your country of origin.

For an overview of world health coverage, you can always count on us to provide you with the necessary details to help your understanding.
Additionally, our advisors will be glad to provide you with an obligation free quote for your coverage requirement. Regardless you are looking for pricing information or more comprehensive knowledge about world health, our professional advisor is just a phone call or an e-mail away.


Peace of Mind with Individual and Family Medical Insurance

Since all individual and family health insurance products are assured of renewal, this has made it hugely popular with the market. People, from young and old, are able to benefit from this cover as long as they choose to renew it. Additionally, customers are free to choose from a range of benefits according to individual requirement, among the common ones are: outpatient, hospitalization, chronic conditions, maternity and dental. You can refer to our table of benefits for further illustrations of products and benefits.
As a general practice, providers often let customers decide if he wishes to include spouse and children to his healthcare policy and this can help customer to achieve savings on premiums, depending on the insurance providers.

Today it is also not uncommon to see medical insurance products that offer complimentary services as option. Annual medical checkups, vaccination or chiropractor are among some of the more common options.
Subject to where you are currently located, some healthcare providers are able to let you access their direct billing system, so that you can visit your doctor and seek treatment without paying upfront; an innovative practice that obsolete the previously pay first and claim later system.

We have extensive experience in health insurance brokering and you can count on us to recommend the most appropriate health cover based on your needs.
In addition, we also have extensive tie-up with many healthcare providers, both local and international, so our team will be always on hand for assistance should you need one, no matter where you are.

With our industry knowledge and experience, our mission is to help you find the most actuate world health plan and we can also help you further by bringing down your premium payment through deductibles

Our professional advisors are also on standby in order to help you on a coverage that is most comprehensive without requiring you to pay obscenely high premium, while making sure that you will not suffer from unreasonable benefits.

If you are currently experiencing some chronic condition, we encourage you to discuss with our advisors so that they can help you to decide a medical insurance policy that can be most suitable for you.

One prominent feature of our services is that premium for customer is always computed upfront. So regardless of whether you've been sick, you will be made fully aware of one premium charge that will stay fix for current year and many years to come. So you will always have peace of mind if you wish to renew the policy. This translates to consistency in amount of premiums and benefits for all policyholders who are on the same plan and within the same geographical area.

Our International Medical Insurance policy is highly versatile and it goes wherever you go. This can be important especially if you do travel regularly as you no longer need to apply for another health plan when you are abroad.

Always keep the emergency number handy as this is often useful when an unscheduled hospitalization ahs to take place.

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