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Group Plans

Group and Corporate Healthcare Products

Corporate Healthcare products are renewable. Our group medical products cater to businesses of all sizes and we may be able to offer discounts on your premium depending on the total number of employees to be covered. Unlike regular medical insurance plans, corporate health insurance plans are designed with flexibility in mind. Customers have complete control on the degree of cover while we offer the best benefits in the market.

If you think you need help on understanding international medical insurance better, our friendly yet professional advisors would be ready to assist you in every way possible so that you can make an informed decision on which healthcare product works best for you.
Our team is just one toll-free phone away. Please call us for necessary support and free quote


Providing Healthcare for Your Employees

All corporate and group medical products are renewable and they are extremely relevant to people across all age brackets. Policyholders enjoy the freedom of choosing the kind of coverage that matches their requirement: for example health plan that covers hospitalization only, health insurance to cover hospitalization and outpatient, chronic condition, maternity and dental coverage. You can always check our corporate insurance table of benefits.
Customers who subscribe to our corporate medical insurance plans can include spouse and children to be under coverage as well, and we may be able to offer you additional discounts on your premium.

Some of our group medical insurance plans are truly comprehensive and may include additional benefits such as vaccination, medical checkups and also chiropractor services.

In some countries, there are group medical products that include direct settlement facilities; such healthcare products make sure of your visit to a doctor would not cost you anything, in comparison to the usual scheme of pay first and receive claim later.

Our professional corporate adviser would work with you to refine the requirements for your group medical. After that we will be able to draw up a group medical free quotation based on your expected coverage, the staff strength of your company and the whereabouts of your employees.
We will also collaborate with you on choosing the most suitable group medical, comparing against a list of group medical plans from the leading international health care providers in the market.

Subject to where you are located, direct billing or e-mail outpatient claims facilities can be a feature in your group medical, so that your business doesn't have to be hassled by complicated claim processes. Such facilities are available across all companies, small, medium and big. It is strongly recommended that you pick up this option if it is available in your country.

The flexibility in group medical insurance means that you can add specific situations for coverage, for example dental or maternity services, chronic conditions, travel insurance, personal accident etc.

Additionally, an excess (deductible) can be worked out to minimize the administration of policy as well as to make sure of you pay only reasonable amount for the premium of your group medical insurance plan.

We have included a group medical benefits table to better illustrate the varying benefits provided by leading international health care providers. The benefits have been laid down clearly to help your understanding.

This healthcare benefit table essentially comprises of four major benefit groups: hospitalization (inpatient), outpatient, maternity and dental.
For world health plan, benefits such as outpatient, dental, maternity, emergency evacuation or repatriation can form part of the main hospitalization benefits.
This benefit table is meant for illustration only, actual benefits from individual healthcare provider would be subject to confirmation.
Please call us for a free quotation on medical insurance. We will also assist you to come out with a tailor-made benefits table with your medical cover needs.

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