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One of the veteran insurance companies which approach the century mark in the industry, Vanbreda enjoys a healthy pool of international customers. The office at Belgium is its international headquarter, and the success of Vanbreda is primarily driven by a culture of innovation and top notch service.

Vanbreda International is distinguished by its highly diversified and numerous insurance offerings, with products ideas coming primarily from Antwerp, Belgium. The business has a single focus, which is to offer and provide insurance cover to its international clients, made up of overseas government agencies, international corporations and the associated workforce. 


A Quick Glimpse on Vanbreda:

Vanbreda International is the undisputed choice of 345,000 clients looking for their insurance coverage, spanning across 192 countries. The company does own a proud record as a 3rd party administrator; it boasts of close to 4 millions medical bills are processed in total in exchange of 430 million EUR/610 million USD reimbursement every year.

In total it employs about 400 personnel, with presences in a number of countries in Miami (USA), China, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Malaysia.


Vanbreda International's Network

The company has strategically chosen the US, Belgium and Malaysia to host its claims processing services, this geographical choices represent an excellent decision to foster international presence and these operations offer 32 languages to support their international clients.

Vanbreda was acquired by CIGNA subsequently, an American company which focus on health-related services. Even with CIGNA being the holding company, Vanbreda's operation still remains as autonomous as before.

While management and policies have undergone tremendous change due to its growth, the company still retains that deep involvement with the environment and the care for its employees. As the business continues to look further from the traditional European market, it is preempted that company policies are likely to be further tampered and changed to reflect this reality.


Increasingly, as we assume leadership on this health-related market, we are certain to present a substantial factor on people's life in general and the market in specific.

Vanbreda International has always placed importance on matters pertaining Corporate Social Responsibility, we strong endorse Diversity Declaration on top of being a UNNICEF partner and UN Global Compact member.

You can trust Vanbreda for strength, security and the highest standards of expertise, service and support. Wherever you are, they are available for questions and policy service.