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International Health Insurance plans

International health plans

We understand your expectations on insurance coverage and we pride ourselves to be able to come up with suitable health policy to match your search or simply to replace your national insurance. Many international citizens have benefited from our world health coverage, especially traveling citizens, overseas students and expatriates traveling with their families. A comprehensive travel insurance or international healthcare plan will make sure you are adequately covered when you travel overseas.

We carry an extensive line of international health plans. You may refer to the sections below to acquire some preliminary understanding about the working of these products. All our staffs are professionally trained and they treat every inquiry with urgency. You may also like to know that we can provide free quotes on all our medical insurance products.


  An Introduction to world health plans

world health plan products can be renewed yearly and they are applicable for individuals, families, teachers and businesses medical and health coverage. Policyholders can be US citizens outside of the country and non-US citizens inside or outside USA. When you are residing in a country other than your country of origin, or traveling abroad as per job requirement, or carrying out missionary works overseas, you will benefit from a healthcare insurance or travel insurance that is able to extend coverage internationally.

As you begin your stay abroad, you are likely to face increasing level of exposure to health and safety risk. A comprehensive international travel healthcare product is able to minimize this concern. It doesn't matter if this is single trip, multiple trip or a long-term relocation in a foreign land, we can offer international travel healthcare products that put your mind to ease while letting you enjoy your trip abroad.


 Individual health Insurance

We offer international Individual Health Insurance. These are yearly renewable plans and they can apply to all individuals in whatever professions or age brackets. The applicant's area of residence and age would be used as the factors to compute the premiums, however the nationally is not put into consideration.

Group medical plan

When there are over three people to be considered for a particular coverage, we would recommend customization of the health plans. group medical plans in addition are also offered with Health Benefits, various levels of insurance coverage and discounted rates. You can contact us and discuss with us on your group medical needs. A non-obligatory direct insurance quote will be provided free of charge to you.


Teacher health plan

This plan for teacher insurance coverage is great for individuals who are teaching abroad! All in the teaching profession outside their countries of origin, no matter of ages, can subscribe to these teacher health plans which are renewed yearly. The premiums charged would be computed based on where you are teaching and your age, however, your country of origin is not going to be taken into consideration. Specific Health benefits will also be offered for teacher health policy.
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Global Health Cover has a complete range of world health plan products for you to choose from; whether you are looking for travel insurance or a top up plan for national insurance. We strongly recommend you to refer to the health companies section medical insurance plans to appreciate what kind of world health cover may be suitable for you. If you need extra assistance, our administrative staff will treat your inquiry seriously and urgently so that you can receive necessary information in timely manner. We also provide free quotes for our customers.

Global Health Cover All our world health plan products can be renewed yearly to ensure uninterrupted healthcare insurance. Individuals, families, group medical and teachers can all benefit from this continuous cover. In addition, all North American citizens overseas as well as non-Americans (including those currently residing in USA) can be accepted for this coverage. Regardless of your need for a comprehensive and reliable world health plans (maybe because of job posting, or maybe out of professional requirements), you can count on us to provide the solution.

International Travel Insurance Do you worry a lot about you may get sick while you go on short trip overseas? The reality is that you don’t want this to happen. One way to cover such possibility is to have a comprehensive international travel insurance plan for your protection as well as peace of mind. This short-term health coverage can be applicable for single trip, multi trip coverage or long term stay abroad.
We will guide you to an international travel health plan which will provide adequate cover so you have more time enjoy your overseas trip.

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