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Our Health plan Services
We carry quite a diverse range of coverage under different healthcare products; there are individual coverage, expatriate coverage, family coverage, teacher coverage and business coverage. We enjoy long and warm relationship with top world health plan providers, which in turn help us to gain expertise gain expertise while guiding you to the most appropriate insurance cover benefit for yourself, family or business. A prominent feature about our international medical insurance products is that they are customizable so that they cater to your exact requirements; for example you can easily add maternity, dental or wellness benefits to your health insurance plan. We also provide free services such as free support (including telephone support) and free quotes on medical insurance plans. We have a reputation of being trustworthy in this industry and we are backed by a completely transparent operation.
We have extensive experience and knowledge in this world health plan brokerage business so you can trust us on being able to deliver relevant information and services to help you find your ideal world health plan. We also pride ourselves in being completely open to our customers while striving for excellence in service. In fact, our customers have grown so comfortable with us and this trust factor is compelling enough for them to recommend relatives and friends to us for our continued success, because they know that these new customers would, in turn, be on good hands.
Choose the right Health Insurance Advisor
Our world health advisors are industry experts with deep knowledge and work experience behind them, which earn them the qualification to advise International health plans and health benefits that match with the customers' expectations. You will find recommendations or proposals from your personal advisor will be explained in details the reason some health insurance product is more suitable to you compared with the others.
This practice can be helpful in you making the most optimum choice in a timely manner after taking into account all insurance coverage details you may or may not know before you get in touch with us. We are frank and we stay objective in our advice so as to allow us to deliver the right proposals in accordance to your Insurance Cover benefits plan for you and/or your family members.

Our advisors possess international exposure and multilingual capabilities to ensure that you will get to speak to an world health plan advisor who appreciates the specific nature of your health insurance needs. They are aware of the various national health insurance systems in place around the world such as Medicare or NHS. We consciously make all our expatriate customers feel "at home" when speaking to one of our International Health Insurance team of advisors. The measure is critically important as different cultural background may introduce different elements in terms of medical insurance expectations and requirements. According to our expatriate customers, they are impressed with the extensive knowledge of the world health industry, and that really makes a difference when it comes to a clear and unique perspective of this otherwise confusing International Medical Insurance industry. Our unparalleled customer service additionally makes sure that our customers are kept happy with their world health. We are driven by our objective to establish a lasting relationship with our customers while keeping them satisfied with the most suitable medical insurance plan.

The success of this company is built on expertise and excellent service.

Our Medical insurance advisors
We at Global Health Cover strongly feel that we need to be passionate in order to deliver premium and quality services to our customers in their quest to find their best world health plans. Our advisors, in addition to the professional credentials, also show strong commitment and involvement in their job and continue to be customer oriented.
Within our International health plans advisors are real expatriates who share daily their real life experiences and world health plan knowledge so that you can take advantages of their advice, and of course our superior administrative support and services.
Global Health Cover currently extends various world health plan products to a great number of nations; due to this, our advisors are knowledgeable about the region where you are heading to. Ask for our advisors to check on the various International Medical Insurance products available in your next residence. World health providers usually have offices across the globe and may provide a good mix of products in accordance with the location of your next destination. If there is any question on your eligibility to any International Medical Insurance plan please get in touch with us to learn which insurance provider provides the most comprehensive coverage. Global Health Cover offers free quotes and advices on Individual and Family International health plans, group medical Insurance products and International Health Medical Insurance plans for teachers.
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