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  we can select the most accurate Health policy for your needs. We guarantee that you will never pay more having us as your broker.  
  "The accuracy of their advice and claim support, along with their professionalism and ethics can be trusted to guide you in the choice of the most accurate  Health policy..."  
- Jean Ledoux -
Global Health Cover is an independent organization who offer guidance over a range of Individual health insurance and group insurance plans. We operate internationally and we provide personalized quotes and international medical insurance claim support to our international customers. We are an established global health insurance broker and we are driven to provide you with prime  support and service across our range of international health plans, no matter which health benefit you are looking for.
We offer group insurance as well as additional health benefits to either national health insurance plan holders or international citizens living and traveling around the world.  The plans we offer are suitable for all age and profiles, including overseas teachers. You can trust our world health expertise to guide you in the choice of the most accurate medical insurance plan that fits your needs.

Here at Global Health Cover, our priority has always been to provide the appropriate protection, efficient customer support and comprehensive claim & health policy assistance; our objective is to serve the interests of our customers and not the interests of the insurance providers.

Health Plan and Insurance benefits around the World:
Individual and Family Health insurance
  Individuals and families can take advantage of specific health benefits offered by individual health insurance plans. Insurance companies can offer national insurance policy holders complementary top up plans while International citizens traveling abroad are offered full health plans and travel insurance schemes, which provide comprehensive coverage under particular global health insurance plans.
  Individual Health plan
Group Insurance
  Group Medical Insurance may not always be available through Medicare or your national health insurance. The Group Insurance Medical schemes are however generally available if you run a business with at least three employees to be included in the coverage. At the same time, family dependants of the employees can be included in such group insurance plans. Further to our Group Insurance quotes and advices, we also offer attractive discounts and excellent health benefits for Corporate groups.
  Group Insurance
Teacher Health Insurance
  Teacher Health Insurance products are suited for people teaching whether it be in the public or private sector. Policyholders can renew their health policy annually regardless of their ages. The premiums for this healthcare product is based on the country of residence and the ages. The nationalities are not a factor here. Further health benefits and claim support are also offered by some insurance companies.
Teacher Health Insurance

Health Companies

Instant health benefits quotation:
Our highly trained advisors are here to help you choosing the best healthcare insurance plan for your own needs. Choosing a health policy is a crucial decision. Our International experience with Health Insurance companies show that the most suitable plan for health is influenced by many factors. Our advisors are trained to take into account these factors to select a range of plans taking into account national insurance if you are a national citizen leaving in your home country. Whether you are interested in learning more about health benefits, insurance companies such as Medicare or BUPA or claim support we can offer you relevant advice. Our quotation also comes with admin support and claims support, which means that we will continuously support you while on the plan. Our advisors will provide you with a choice of Health policies to match your requirements and group insurance priorities. We can quote specifically Hospitalization plans, Outpatient plans, Dental or maternity benefits. Our quotation is easy to read and comprehensive to see at once all Health benefits and premiums.Health plan quote
Get a travel insurance while traveling:
By choosing a world health Insurance or a short term Health Insurance. Global Health Cover has selected for you major International insurance companies which offer a comprehensive health policy and high health benefits. World Health plans will follow you when you wish to travel overseas and therefore cannot benefit from you national health insurance or in your country of citizenship. The world health plans offered by our advisor team will provide you with accurate support to guide you to the best Healthcare insurance plan. This will allow you to travel worry free and take advantage of your healthcare insurance internationally around the world. Whether you need a comprehensive BUPA plan or the most cost effective group medical and travel insurance plan we will thrive to ensure you receive highly accurate information to choose your health insurance plan. Our Individual and family health insurance plans may include repatriation as well as evacuation while other health benefits can cover unexpected personal accident and cash benefits. A suitable Health policy will provide you with you peace of mind whenever traveling around the world, equal or better to your country of nationality national health service. Short term plans for health include Single trip travel insurance and multi-trip travel insurance will provide cover for the time you travel.Health plan products
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